About this Busy Woman

Your days are CRAZY busy.
Most of the time, your to-do list is
longer than your arm and never completed.
And frankly, you just want a break.

Yeah, I hear ya.

I’m Connie Sirois, and I help women like you. This website is all about your getting control of your everyday busy life. My passion is helping busy women (and aren’t we all busy) get relief, even while staying busy.

After years of trying stuff and learning stuff to fix my BUSY problem, I started my coaching business to inspire and share with other women what I have learned to do. My days aren’t any less busy, but they are more productive, calmer, and more in CONTROL. And that, my friend, is what you can have too. I’m super excited to say that my journey is going to culminate in a Busy Woman’s Club just for women like you and me (coming in September—just in time for the holiday craziness).

Our days can get so busy that we feel like life is imploding. As a mom of three, I fight off that feeling several times a week (honestly like several times a day). But my journey to where I am today isn’t only about being a mom of three; it began with the death of my mom, with lots of fear, and with a feeling of total incompetence. And on the other side of that, I have found the POSITIVELY AMAZING. Over the years, I’ve learned a lot and made amazing changes to my life. The Busy Woman’s Guide to Everyday Control is the outgrowth of my journey. Acknowledging that my story was worth telling took me to new places in self-development, but enough of that. You can get more gritty details over there → Yeah. Right Here.

Through my online eCourse and my Busy Woman’s Club (coming in September), you can take control of the BUSY no matter how busy you are.

So if you are ready to take charge,
to wrap that busy life around your little finger,
to be in control and on top of that big ole to-do list,
let’s do this.

Thanks for joining me. May your life be blessed.


**You can contact me using the form here.**

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