Other Gritty Details

When It Began

In February of 2013, I earned my Elite Life Coach certification from The Coach Mindset. This step was the culmination of years of  uncertainty about what I wanted to contribute to the world. My coaching business is new, but my experiences are not. Along my journey, I found that my life lessons and skills were worth sharing and that I could serve others from the heart and be genuinely happy to do that work. God provided undeniable evidence that what I am to do with my coaching business is my life’s purpose. When I look at all that God had led me to and through, I see a path that marries my desires and my talents.

What Fuels It

Hurtful childhood situations and decades of feeling less than worthy of others’ time or attention are parts of my current strength. I’m not at a place to write about those candidly. For now, they help power my passion. The death of my mother ripped the spine from me and sent me reeling for who I was and what life should be. Just about everything changed. So much has been for the better that at times I almost feel guilty for how much good has come from that tragedy in my life. This too is my power. And last there is fear. Fear of failure. Fear of imperfection. Fear of not knowing enough. Fear of getting it wrong. … I think you get the picture. These struggles are a daily challenge. They are the fuel for my passion.

Other Details

My desire to help others achieve has served me well in my two decades in higher education. As a teacher of writing and business communication, I’ve worked with thousands of students, but I get most excited about the ones I’ve worked with on matters related to life and career.  Helping students feel empowered about their futures is most rewarding.

When I began in higher education, I coached students one-on-one in the university writing center. It was there that I learned how powerful questioning could be. My life coach training is all about using powerful questions to guide my clients.

As I looked toward retirement from the university, I toyed with becoming a nutritionist and then ended up joining a direct marketing company (MLM). Within a few years, my heart didn’t want exactly that. And when I opened my heart to guidance, God stepped in. I did exactly what I want to help my coaching clients do–reset focus and make a plan. What I learned about making changes and finding your calling is being used to build my business.

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